WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT-A masked gun man is fatally shot during  bank robbery.

Deputy Husband Practically Chokes A Man To Death.


Machete wielding man refused to be a robbery victim when would-be robbers entered his Florida home.


Two members of the ISIS Terrorist Group received street court justice when a Saudi Police Officer encountered them in the middle of the streets.

Homeless Man Transforms Underpass To Paradise Lane.

Fire Fighter drop kicks a woman in Order to save her life.


Massive Cobra slithers into Malaysians couples home then makes dashing exit inside an air ventilator.


Watch This Amazing Video Of Rare Giant Chicken Exit Its Coop.



Woman Attacked For Speaking Swahili In An Applebee’s Establishment Gives Impact Statement In Court And Forgives Her Attacker.



Boy Dies Saving His Mother’s Life.



A Seven-year old Girl Enters A Syrian Police Station And Seconds Later The Explosive Jacket She Was Wearing Is Detonated.



A  Pet Rottweiler Attacks A Child Unexpectedly.



A Knife-Wielding Teen Believed To Be Bullied  In School Is Shot.



Teens Attack A Man For Supporting Donald Trump



Trump Supporter Rants And Disrespects  Store Clark.



Mom Kicks Out Preteen Out the House For Voting For Donald Trump At School. WARNING: Hard To Watch Video.