Molecules Component Essential To Life Found Near Milky Way







For years, science enthusiasts have suggested humans are celestial beings, made up of stardust.

A recent study of 150,000 star now confirms how true that theory really was.

Component vidal to life on earth which were  found near the center of  Earth’s Milky Way contain approximately 96 percent of the same type of atoms.




The elements essential to life found near the Earth’s Milky Way are Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus. They are also refer to as the building blocks of life.

Why are they so important? The human body is made up of approximately  65 percent oxygen. That’s more than half of a person body mass. In fact oxygen is so important without it our body is unable to break down sugar that fills cells with energy.

The blood stream in our lungs absorbes oxygen, then transfers it to the cells where a sophisticated replacement procedure takes place.

The possibility of our existence without oxygen are slim to none. Humans breath oxygen nearly every second of the every day until we breath our last breathe.

Sugars that look like glocuse reserves carbon components. We ingest carbon into the body by eating carbohydrates. Carbon is the second highest components found in our human body, and is responsible for 18 percent of what makes the human body function.

When oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen are mixed together with carbon otoms they help create amino acid, fats, lipids and the basis for where DNA is extracted from referred to as nucleobases. Hydrogen makes up for approxmatelly 10 percent of the components crucial to life.

While nitrogen is crucial to life, in excess it can also be damaging to the environment. Nitrogen, makes up for 3 percent of the components essential to life and is a compound in all proteins found in all living organisms.

Sulfur is found in nearly everything we consume on a daily basis such as eggs, onions, garlic and leafy dark green vegetables such as Kale and Broccoli. Sulfur is a compond filled with eletrons referred to as sulfide and sulfates that assist in accelerating reaction.

Sulfur is considered to be a healing mineral and unfortunately  a lack of it  normally leads to aches and swelling related with various muscles and skeleton disorders. While our body contain 0.3 percent of sulfur, it is nonetheless extremely important.

Phosphorus is normally seen in the molecule phosphate,  and it helps the metabolism due to the polyphosphate molecules like ATP (short for adenosine triphosphate) that can  store a considerable quantity of energy in their chemical bonds. Once the bond is broken it releases energy. If this process occurs several times in a school of muscle cells you’ll be able to move your arms.

Both sulfur and phosphorus are place in the remaining 6 percent of the elements which human depend on for its survival. This also includes calcium, chlorine, sodium and  magnesium.

But more importantly that fact these 6 elements have also been found at close proximity to Earth’s Milky Way adds to the general belief that there’s a connection between living beings and our universe, making it definitely a topic for an endless discussion.

Overall, in order for life to begin taking shape on Earth, a couple of factors need to be in place, such as the distance between the planet and the sun. The temperature needs not be too hot nor too cold for liquid water to exist. With a great amount of water supply elements are able to travel easily, bumping into one another creating breath taking compounds while the right amount of gravity is in  place. And with the right amount of lightning, suppling the well needed energy to accelerate a reaction which will eventually lead up to production moleculesamino.


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