The True Meaning Of Who Jesus Christ Symbolizes Revealed



Cosmology focuses on the study of origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe as does the scriptures in the bible in relation to Jesus and the creation of mankind in the book of Genesis.

In understanding this Cosmological concept and relating it to the bible with regards to what and who  Jesus symbolises in its literature,  you’ll first need to take a look at what the Bible says about the origin of Jesus and then apply the scientific study of Cosmology in order to analyze how they relate to one another.

A simple way of viewing this logic is by trying to imagine the “Universe” being Jesus celestial Father. The Sun, which in the bible is written as “Son”, is portrayed by Jesus.


The Sun is approximately 4.6 billion years old. It’s formed from gravitational collapse of matter close to an area of a large molecular clouds.

The Sun then gives life to the Earth. Making it habitable for every living creature that crawls, walks, slithers, or swims. This process mirrors the exact process of a reproductive organism. Every living organism on planet earth depends highly on the sources of energy produced by the Sun.

Upon closer observation of both Cosmology and the biblical literature referencing Jesus we are able to notice the similarities in how our  common world and the universe have an origin from whence existent as a complete owes its beginning.

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The Bible is said to have been written by man inspired by God.

Take for instance in the New Testament, Jesus is described as a celestial being (space or heaven) and is introduced into the world for the sole purpose of bringing light to a nation that was in dire need of guidance (A savior per say).

Jesus refers to his origin of it being from up above (Heaven) and being one with the universe (God). The Sun and the Father both sit at the throne of heaven (space).

He even goes as far as to predict the eventual fate of the universe as does the study of Cosmology.

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The narrative surrounding the biblical event in which Jesus is introduce to the world as an actual human has confused people for century’s for we are more likely to believe our god resemble the physical aspect of who we are as opposed to the elements which convey who we are.

Today, the majority of our society still believe Jesus (the human images) will someday return to save and judge those damned. While that might be true it sure won’t be in the image of mankind but rather the scorching Sun becoming hot enough to render earth uninhabitable.

When taking a closer examination, the scriptures appears to have a much deeper meaning to what the average person might interpret them to mean, as it is known most of the writing in the bible is written in parables. Hidden messeges encoded in plain site, as was the norm in ancient Greek mythology whom the Roman adapted their style of writing after having conquered them in 146 BC. In fact dating back from the 4th dynasty of Egypt, the Sun is honored as the god Ra, conveyed like a falcon-headed celestial being capped in a solar circle, and encircled by a snake. This ancient civilization is believed to be the actual origin from whence the  Sun began to be honored as the “True Light” of men.


The Sun is honored as the god Ra in the 4th dynasty of Egypt.


Our place of origin is encoded in the bible as well as other acient culture in a manner much more suitable form for most of us hard of understanding hieroglyphics.



Today science has allowed  us to dig deeper into our subconscious mind to help us understand the message those from ancient times left behind, revealing our true origin.

Take DNA testing for example, through the examination of human blood we now can determine if a child belongs to a particular person. We can also examine if a woman is in the process of conceiving and determine when the child will be due.


This chart shows areas of the human body composed by element vital to life on Earth, and until recently studies show Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Phosphorus and Sulfur were found near Earth’s Milky Way.

Likewise scientist have also found elements in space (commonly referred to as stardust) which are essential for Earth inhabitants, usually refer to as the building  blocks of life: carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus.



The Sun hovers over the Earth.

The Sun hovers in space over the Earth, nurturing her with His ultraviolet rayes, filling her with offsprings. Giving life to mankind and everything else.

The Sun will eventually come to judge those on Earth once it’s plasma becomes hot enough to uninhabited the surface of earth. Those living on earth when this unthinkable event takes place will be the ones judged and will be forced to find shelter underground (Hell) if possible.

The Sun is billions of years old. 4.6 billion years old to be exact. Through scientific testing it has been determined that the Sun will only continue to increase its energy output as it grow old in time.

The study concluded that by examining meteorites which had fallen to the Earth surface within the past two centuries it found there was a significant increase in the Sun’s  radioactive output through the 20th century.

When presented with these facts we now can understand how Cosmology and the biblical literature referencing Jesus are one and the same.

Although Jesus is actually a fictional character who symbolizes the Sun, the message behind the story is noneless what actually counts in both the literature context and it’s actual teaching pertaining to the true origin of mankind.









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