Man Knowingly Infected Women With HIV

A man by the name of William Baker has made nationwide headlines for allegedly knowingly infecting his companion with HIV.

Apparently Baker seemed as if he was the man every woman dreamt about spending the rest of their life with, but that soon changed the moment his ex-girlfriend found out about his medical condition.


William Baker 

Court records states that Baker was diagnosed with HIV but failed to disclose this vital information with his ex-girlfriend whose name has not been made public.

According to documents Baker’s ex-girlfriend tested positive for HIV some time around June of 2015. Reports also states the couple had been living together since September of 2013 to August 2014, in which at no time did Mr. Baker informed the victim of his medical condition.

Baker was apprehended by authorities and charged with having sexual intercourse without disclosure of HIV.

But story takes a sudden turn of events just when the victim thought she would be getting justice for her ordeal when Baker is given bond (which mostly never happens in these sorts of cases) and has bonded out of jail and possibly placing others at risk.


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