Florida Home Owner Fights Off Gun-Toting Robbers With A Machete


Machete wielding man fights off robbers who entered his Florida home on the early morning of June 15, 2017.

Peralta almost instantly grabs a chair and flings it at his would-be assailant. He then picks up what appears to be a mid-sized 4×4 and swings at the perpetrators.


Gun-toting thugs held home owners friend at gunpoint.

The masked gun man continued to advance, ordering the other man to get down on ground, which he complies.

The home owner manages to flee and is chased by one of the intruders but he gets away.


Home owner unarms perpetrator.

Peralta returns back into the view of the surveillance video but is not empty-handed. He is wielding a Machete that gleams in the morning light.

Peralta  confronts the party crasher and though his out numbered he  manages to back them down.

Two of the robbers are seen fleeing and jumping the fence. The other three were subdued by Peralta and his guess.


All five home invader were apprehended and charged with Armed Robbery.

The two perpetrator who ran were later apprehended by authorities and charged with arm robbery and several other criminal charges.




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