Man Forced To Eat His Own Testicle After Being Torture


Torture victim Jimmy Prout.

Several Gang members in the U.K were found guilty of torturing a 45 year old who died after he had been forced to engage in sexual act with a dog and to ingest his own testicle.

Those involved in the heinous crime were 26 year old Ann Corbett and Zahid Zaman, 43, Myra Wood, 50, and Kay Rayworth who is 56 years old. Both  Corbett and Zaman were convicted of murder, while Wood and Rayworth were convicted of  allowing the heinous act happen.

Prosecutor Paul Greaney gave a gruesome description of sadistic act where the victims “scrotum was sliced open and his testicle was removed; he was then forced to eat it.”

Jimmy Prout’s body was found partially eaten by animals after his body had been dumped on wastelands, according to Greaney.


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