Man Who Received Clemency From President Obama Now Advocate For Nonviolent Drug Offenders


Most kids who are raised in  a minority community  never actually have someone who could be of good influence to them. A lot of them grow up in broken homes.

The only images of successful people they ever get to encounter are of those who are involved in illicit activities such as pedaling illegal narcotics and committing violent crime.


The truth be told these children have been set up to fail in life from the moment they were conceived in their mother’s womb.

But once in a while after having been drag through the mud some manage to over come their adversity and  so is the case in Jason Hernandez life story.

Hernandez grow up in Mckinney  Texas and was a prominent drug dealer prior to his arrest 1998 when he was just 21 years of age. He was sentenced to life without parole plus 300 years for a nonviolent crime.

After having served more then a decade in prison Hernandez was one of the first eight inmates who received clemency from President Obama.

After he was released from prison Hernandez has maintained a full time job and also travel throughout the U.S advocating for nonviolence drug offenders.

While there are a few who stray away from their second chance at freedom Hernandez proves  that not every person makes the same mistake twice and everyone deserves a second chance.


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