Video Of The Incident Outside A Denny’s Shows Deputy Husband Practically Choking A Man To Death

The video which was made public on Monday reveals the inhuman act of a deputy husband practically choking a Houston man to death.

The images were captured by a concerned citizen who was at the scene that dreadful day which left 24 year old John Hernandez brain dead.


According to reports the incident took place some where around 11:30 p.m when the deputy husband confronted Hernandez about urinating outside a public establishment and an argument ensued, leading to a physical altercation. A short while later the deputy, who was inside Dennys appeared.

The images on the video shows a struggling Hernandez back legs kicking and making audible sounds which seem of those of someone who is in pain.

Hernandez legally dies at the hospital days later.

No charges have been filed.



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