A Missi. Deranged Father Kills 8 People In A Bloody Rampage


Gun man Willie Cory Godbolt (on ground) is apprehended by law enforcement after being shot.

On Saturday night a deranged father in Mississippi hellbent on getting his kids from his alianated wife shot and killed eight individuals including two young boys and a deputy Sheriff.

Authorities say the only reason 35 year-old, Willie Cory Godbolt, was not able to continue his killing spree after gunning down his victims at three different homes in a campestral area of the state was because he ran out of ammunition.

Godbolt was apprehended by law enforcement after being shot. A reporter for Clarion-Ledger newspaper who was at the scene said the perpetrator told him he expected to die in a shootout with police authorities.


A handcuffed Godbolt being held down on the ground by an officer waiting to be transfer to a hospital said “I ain’t fit to live, not after what I done.”

Shortly before the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office received a call at around 11:30 p.m on Saturday from a home in the town of Bogue Chitto about a possible domestic dispute the bloody carnage began.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation stated that Godbolt, a resident of Bogue Chitto, fatally shot his victims at separate location.

In a video interview with the Clarion-Ledge at the scene, Godbolt stated, he was having a conversation with his wife about taking the children’s with him and neighbors dialed 911.

“Somebody called the officer, people that didn’t even live at the house. That’s what they do. They Intervene”, he said.


Slain Deputy Sheriff William Durr.

“They cost him his life”, Godbolt said referring to the slain deputy sheriff, who was identified as William Durr.

Among those who were killed during Godbolt bloody rampage were; Barbara Mitchell, her sister, Brenda May and Toccarra May.

Godbolt stepfather-in-law, Vincent Mitchell, said he was “devastated” and could not believe what had taken place just hours ago.

Authorities say Godbolt had not been charged yet. He was being treated for a gunshot wound and is expected to make a full recovery.


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