Two Toddlers We’re Found Unresponsive By Mother Inside Her Vehicle.


In Parker County, Texas two children were found unresponsiver inside a hot car.

Texas authorities say a call came in from the 200 block of Rambling Loop just west of Lake Weatherford where they found two toddlers, a 16 month old boy and a 2 year-old girl, whom had been found by their mother.

The authorities said it was reported on Friday shortly after 4 p.m when temperature were reported to have been above 96 degrees and heat index exceeding value of 102.

According to the mother the kids had been playing inside their home when all of a sudden they disappeared out of sight and ended up inside the vehicle where they managed to lock themselves inside. The woman told Texas authorities both her phone and keys where inside the vehicle.


After having had searched the area for several minutes she finally found them inside the vehicle where she had to break the window in order to get them out.

The medical examinar identified the body of they being of Cavanaugh and Juliet Ramirez. They were pronounced deceased at approximately 4:33 p.m.



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