Real Estate Serial Killer “Todd Kohlhepp” Cops Plea Deal



Todd Kohlhelp, the man who was arrested and confessed to authorities about his vicious crimes last year has plead guilty to seven murder charges.

Authorities were able to apprehend Kohlhelp after a woman found in his property chained by the neck ststed she had been raped.

The woman told authorities she had witnessed Kohlhepp, who happened to be a successful real estate broker, kill 32-year-old Charles David Carter, her boyfriend.

Kohlhepp admitted on Friday to killing four workers at a motorcycle shop in rural Chesnee. The victims were owner Scott Ponder, 30; Beverly Guy, 52; Brain Lucas, 30; and Chris Sherbert, 26.

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The serial killer also admitted to murdering Johnny Joe Cowie, 29, and his wife Leigh McCraw-Coxie. The couple had been missing for about a year after their remains were found in kohlhepp property in 2016.

In an interview with Dr. Phil earlier this year, the woman found chained, stated Kohlhepp revealed to her he had killed close to 100 individuals, so it is uncertain if Kohlhepp will eventually face additional murder charges.

Kohlhepp was spared the death penalty, but will serve seven consecutive life sentences in addition to 60. It’s unlikely Kohlhepp will ever see the light of day in society again.

Prior to the murders of 2003 Kohlhepp already had a questionable past. In 1986, a 15 year-old Kohlhepp was arrested and convicted on kidnapping and rape charges. His victim, a 14 year-old.

He served 14 years in prison and was released in 2001. Kohlhepp registered as a sex offender but omitted some of the details about his crime to obtain his real estate licence.

The court room was filled on Friday with relatives of the victims.


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