Two Men Were Fatally Stabbed After Confronting Racist Harassing Two Muslim Women


Two women were being harrased during a train ride in Portland on Friday simply because they appeared to be Muslim. Several men tried to intervene and the assailant pulled out a knife and began stabbing them. Killing two and wounding one.

The attack took place hours before the Islamic holy month of Ramadan was set to begin. Over a billion Muslims partake in a religious fast during this period.

According to Portland Police Department the incident began when the assailant started yelling ethnic and religious slurs at two women on a MAX train who appeared to be Muslim.

The perpetrator then attacks three individuals who attempted to intervene.

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When authorities arrived to the gory scene the assailant had already exited the train but was apprehended shortly after, but authorities added that they weren’t able to locate the two women for questioning.

Pete Simpson, Portland police spokesman stated during a conference that, “In the midst of his ranting and raving, some people approached him and appeared to try to intervene with his behavior and some of the people that he was yelling at, were attacked viciously.”

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations anti-Muslim incidents has increased by over 50 percent in the U.S simply because of President Donald Trump’s zeroing in on militant Islamic sets and anti-immigrant agenda.

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The Council on American-Islamic Relations also stated that, “President Trump must speak out personally against the rising tide of Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry and racism in our nation that he has provoked through his numerous statements.”

Authorities say one of the two men who were stabbed viciously died at the scene and the other in the hospital. The third men was treated for minor injuries.