Joe Biden 2020?

While many of us are still trying to figure out how the in the world Donald Trump managed to pull the biggest upset win over the Democratic National Party former vice president Joe Biden claims had he ran against Trump the story would had ended differently for Republicans. 

While this might be so it definitely is a little too late for such remarks. Many feel he was supposed to had announced his interest for the white house when Hillary Clinton made it known to the American people she was up running for office.

Biden definitely would have been a great commander in chief. He served 8 years as the nations vice-president in the Obama administration.

But perhaps the real question here is, why didn’t Biden run for the Oval Office? Were Democrat so bent on making history by having the first woman president of U.S after having had the first African American ever as commander in chief for 8 years?

Whatever the reason may have been for Democrats not to have chosen Biden as a presidential candidate, pretty sure they are all thinking back on it now.

Fox claims Biden sons battle with brain cancer kept him from running for the Oval Office.

The former vice-president made an appearance at Colgate University  in New York where he told student the Democratic primary would had been “very difficult”.

Biden did not miss out on the opportunity to throw a few jabs at Donald Trump’s way.

Should Biden decide he will officially   announce  his run for the presidency come 2020, plenty of American will likely vote for him being as that Hillary will not be running in another presidencial campaign.


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