New Yorker Earns Up to $900 Per Day Shining Shoes



New York City’s extraordinary shoe shining man Don Ward probably telling one of his hooves jokes 


Many will sit at home in front of the television all day while others will rush to a dreadful 9 to 5 Monday through friday and whine about the lack of ends meeting but never actually make an effort to change their living condition.

But that’s exactly what a New Yorker by the name of Don Ward decided He was going to do after seeing how much money his friend made just from shining shoes.

While shining shoes might not be the ideal job for many, Ward, a midtown heckler whose stand is prominently stationed at 47th Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan claims he can earn up to $900 per day shining shoes.


While many complain about there being a shortage of employment Ward rolled up his sleeves and venture into the city of New York carrying a wooden box containing his shoe shining tools in one hand and a stool on the other.

Ward has been in the shoe shining buisness for quite some time. He appeared on a site by the name of funny or die where there is a video of Ward cracking jokes at potential customers.

When Ward is asked asked what’s his secret to being successful in his line of buisness. He simply replies, “you’ve gotta use good bait”. And by this he means joking with passersby about their hooves needing a makeover.

“A lot of people walk by and they’re in their own little bubble. I tell jokes”, states Ward, then adding he searches for the dirtiest pair of footwear he can come across with.


Ward formerly worked at a photo lab before deciding he was going to open up a shoe shine buisness. His inspiration was a former colleague of his who made more money in a single day sparkling shoes then he did in a week at the photo lab. Ward hasn’t looked back since.

Ward told reporters that one of the advantages of owning your own buisness is the freedom of not having anyone to answer to but you.

“I don’t have no incompetent boss giving me orders. I have no backstabbing co- workers trying to get some brownie points. I’m free,” Ward told reporters.

While we are not entirely sold on the amount of cash Ward claims to earn a day it does make for an honest living.


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