Giant Chicken On Video Not A Fake.


Big Chicken video take the Internet by storm. Many could not believe the collasoue creature was real after watching it exit out its coop as if it was the last villian in a video game.

CNN’s reported that the gaint chicken was entitled to a whole episode on “planet earth”.

Those who were able to to view the video on social media were left with deep skepticism and others express fear for the huge chicken.



This pre-historic looking creature is definitely real contrary to what many people think it’s a fake. The huge poultry meat is actually a Brahman chicken, known to have been a large breed of roosters cultivated in the US.

During the turn of the 20th century these giant birds were in high demand because of its meat. Some of these chicken were known to weight about 18 lb and we’re originally brought into the U.S from China.


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