Actor Charlie Sheen Says Trump Should Die Next And Not Other Celebrities


Actor Charlie Sheen wished death upon Donald Trump last night on social media.

Sheen’s tweet, happened to be posted while the Internet community was mourning the death of fellow actress Debbie Reynolds. The tweet has generated more then 27,000 likes and 15,500 retweet.

 The famous actress of 84 years of age died on Wednesday at day after actress Carrie Fisher who happens to be her daughter passed away at the age of 60 due to a heart failure.  

In light of the death of the actress Sheen thought it would be a great time to ask “Dear God” to take “Trump next please!”

Sheen’s tweet got an immediate reaction from a commentator who wondered what the reaction would have been had someone tweeted the same thing about our first black president.

The year 2016 has been dubbed by many as an awful year due mainly because of the recent election results and death of great celebrity such as Muhammad Ali, Alan Thick, Shorty low, Ricky Harris, Prince and George Michael.


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