President Obama Claims He Would Had Won Against Trump


As Trump is set to be inaugurated in less then a month from now President Obama stated in a recent interview that had he been able to run for president a third term he would had won against Donald Trump.

“I am confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” the president said in a podcast interview with David Axelrod.

In fact President Obama seems to point out that he has shared his thoughts of there being a possible run for the Oval Office a third time with individuals around the country and been told his vision points towards the right direction.

“I know that in conversations that I’ve had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say, ‘The vision, the direction that you position towards is the right one,'” Obama stated.

There is no possible way President Obama can run for another term in office because the Constitution forbids any president to serve more many two terms in office.

According to the president his staff have been more then just colleagues and has been inspired by their “hearts”.

“We had our senior staff dinner…. I got through about four minutes of the thing and started getting the hanky out,” the president said.

“Overall, this place never got cynical,” he adds.

The President also reflects on how the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama care) has not only benefit Democrats but a Republicans as well.

“Look, the Affordable Care Act benefits a huge number of Trump voters. There are a lot of folks in places like West Virginia or Kentucky who didn’t vote for Hillary, didn’t vote for me, but are being helped by this… The problem is, is that we’re not there on the ground communicating not only the dry policy aspects of this, but that we care about these communities, that we’re bleeding for these communities,” President Obama told Axelrod.

Mr. Obama stated that he was looking forward to leaving the white house and going taking our current first lady to a much needed vacation.


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