A 91 year-old man with Alzheime r’s Disease Gets Tased by Cops



A Recently released disturbing video shows Law enforcement Tased a 91 year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease after the man declined to go see a doctor.

Throughout the struggle of being handcuffed the unidentified man allegedly broke his wrist- the man eventually died a month later and his family believes the eletrode shock lead to his death.

Footage of the incident shows the 91 year-old man repeatedly  refusing to comply with commands from law enforcement from the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office to go and see doctors.

“OK Lee, now’s the time that you have to go with us. So, why don’t you just go ahead and stand up so we can go,” a deputy tells the man.

The man completely ignores the deputies suggestions and instead says something about him being hungry.

“OK, that’s fine, you can eat later, but right now, you’re going to go with us,” A deputy is heard saying.

One of the deputy then repeats the command to comply and leave the nursing home without any trouble.

“We’re not wanting anybody to get hurt,” A deputy tells Mr. Lee. “We’re not wanting anybody to get hit, ok? The deputy continued.

“You don’t want to do that, Lee,” deputy tells Lee after having reached for his hand and the patient slapping his hand away from him.

The man then lifts himself up from the chair in which he was sitting and makes a slight distance between him and deputies, a deputy then yells “Taser!” Striking the patient in the back with electrode shocks.

The man is then handcuffed by a deputy and shortly after taken out the nursing home on a stretcher.


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