Muslim Woman Faces Her Attacker In Court



A woman who was the victim of a hate crime that took place in a Minnesota Applebee’s for speaking in her native language addressed her attacker this week in court.

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On October 2015 Asma Jama was inside an Applebee’s establishment with her family  when out the blue Jodie Burchard-Risch smashed a beer mug in Jama’s face for speaking Swahili.

According to authorities the assailant and her husband became angry upon hearing the victim and her family talking, shouting that the family should “go home” and screaming “In America we speak English!”


After having plead guilty on Tuesday to felony third-degree assault Burchard-Risch was sentenced to six months in jail. The victim was also able to give an impact statement in front of the court.

“Jodie, what you did to me that day wasn’t good. You should never do anything like that to anybody ,” stated the victim.

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“But it just wanted to tell you in front of everybody that I do forgive you. My religion teaches me to forgive,” she continued.

The assault on Mrs. Jama happened in the year that’s been register as one where there has been the most hate crimes against Muslim. And with Trump having been elected president the nation has experienced an increase in hate crimes, but Jama’s closing statement shows how love truly concurs all.

“It doesn’t matter what’s on my head. It doesn’t matter the color of my skin. We’re fighting for the same rights,” stated Mrs. Jama.


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