Homeless Man Transforms A Los Angeles Underpass Into “Paradise Lane”


Ceola Waddle has been living in a L.A underpass for six months.


Ceola Waddle, 56, is a homeless man who has been living in an underpass in the Los Angeles, CA area for the past six months.

What is intriguing about Mr. Waddle’s dwelling is the transformation he has done to the place. “Paradise Lane” as it been dubbed by the vagrant homeless man, is equipped with furniture, a make-shift Jacuzzi and four-poster beds.

With the help of a video posted on facebook where waddle is seen giving a tour of his home the place has become sort of a tourist attraction.

“This here is my Jacuzzi,” he is heard saying. “It holds 10 gallons of water. All it is is a refrigerator on its bottom. I’m being innovative,” he continued.


Waddle has zebra bed spread.

As he introduces his bedroom, he says, “Come on down, you have now entered the man cave. This is where my quarters are”.

Waddle has also become sort of an entrepreneur for he rants a small tent for $10 a day and $25 a week to other homeless people nearby.


Waddle even has a shoe holder.

Unfortunately the city will soon dismantle “Paradise Lane” because it claims it is unsafe.


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