The Savagery Of Humanity; Man Kills Woman,Then Has Sex With Her Body


Christopher Shows murdered Amanda Suarez after she turned down his sexual advances. 

Police in Florida arrested a man who murdered his girlfriend’s cousin and the decided to penetrate the corpse just for the sake of it. What would drive a human being to the brink of this point some some were left wondering.

Amanda Suarez, 21, was murdered inside her home when she was attacked December 7, by Christopher Shows. Shows was in police custody this past Monday.

When the suspect confessed to authorities about the murder, he told them he was curious about what it would feel like to kill somebody.

“In his confession, it was just he wanted to know what murder was about. Unfortunately, it was no rhyme no reason. He just wanted to know what murder felt like,” Noel Stephen, the county’s sheriff, told reporters.


Amanda Suarez 

When Suarez was viciously attacked by Shows the woman’s 2-year-old son happened to be inside the residence.

Suarez allegedly let Shows, who was in a relationship with Suarez cousin, into her residency. Shows then shoots Suarez in the back with a .22-caliber rifle he got from his truck after she turned down his sexual advances.

The psychotic man then dragged the woman’s body into the kitchen, where he placed her in the shape of a crucifix prior to penetrating her corpse.

Authorities were alerted when a relative found the woman’s dead body. Law enforcement observed that the woman’s cellphone was not at the crime scene, it was later found at the side of a road not too far from where the woman’s residence is located.

When Detectives found the clothes covered in blood, they uncovered a saved photo of Shows passed out on the victims couch. Investigators concluded that Shows got rid of the phone prior to setting the clothes he wore at the time of the crime on fire in an attempt to cover his tracks.

Shows faces charges of murder, battery and desecration of a corpse.


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