President Obama Grant’s Clemency To Over 200 Federal Inmates.


According to the White House 78 people have been pardoned and 153 others had their federal conviction reduced by President Obama. It is definitely a record high of individual clemencies in one day by a president.

As President Obama is finishing up his final term in the Oval Office he continues to grant leinancy to federal inmates at an unprecedented pace, but he seems more concerned with shortening sentences and less concerned with pardoning.

The total of people who have been pardoned throughout the course of the Presidents term in office is now at 148 and 1,176 federal inmates have had their prison sentence reduced, and that includes 395 inmates who and been serving a life sentence, according to Neil Eggleston, Obama’s White House councel.

The fact that President Obama has granted as much clemency shows that he believes America is a Nation where second chances exist, said Eggleston.


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