Baton Rouge Man Charged With Sexually Abusing His Own Teenage Relatives


In Louisiana a man who had been the center of an investigation involving minors was finally arrested on Friday for sexually assaulting four childrens who happened to be his relative.

Since 2015 Gary Jackson, 37, a Batonr Rogue native, repeatedly raped two girls who were related to him, according to WAFB.

According to the Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, Jackson also allegedly touched two teen boys in areas consider to be unsuitable.

Police investigating the case said that the children involved informed them that Jackson would take them to a place in the home he calls his “man cave” where he would take advantage of them.

The investigation on Jackson had been open for a year prior to his apprehension on Friday.

Relatives of Jackson had been uncooperative with authorities about his sexual abusive behavior.

Eventually one of the girls who was being abused by Jackson related the incident to her mother in vivid details, and the police were contacted.

When Jackson was apprehended on Friday, police charged him with several drug violations, after he was pulled over in his vehicle for a traffic stop and officers detected a strong Marijuana odour coming from inside his vehicle.

Authorities also came across drug paraphernalia in Jackson possession such as a scale, packaging baggies and Mollys (Ecstacy pills), items normally used by dealers, according to reports.

Jackson faces charges of sexual battery, aggravated rape, molestation of juvenile, along with several drug violations.


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