Muslim Woman Who Replied ‘happy holiday’ to a Man Who Yelled “Merry Christmas” Ended Up Being Attacked


When a woman wearing a hijab was making her way into a Coles store in Australia, a man verbally assaulted her and then threw a beer bottle at her but not before making off with her headscarf.

The woman claims things between her and the assailant got physical after a heated argument between the two of them outside a Beerliar Village complex.


Perth shopping centre 

Reports alleges that a man yelled out “Merry Christmas” to the victim as she was about to enter a Coles store.

To which the woman replied to with “happy holidays”, he immediately responded by saying “No, Merry Christmas”, as if the woman was obligated to respect the Christian sacred month of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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According to documents the man then, supposedly called her a “F***ing Muslim c***” and attacked her with a beer bottle, striking her on the back and shoulder.

While they were engaged in a struggle, her headscarf drop to the ground and the perpetrator picked up and ran off with it. The headscarf was found inside the shopping complex.

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Australian authorities say the incident happened around 8:45p.m last Friday.

There were no injuries reported in the incident.

“The male is described as light skinned, 25-35 years old, 175- 180cm tall and slim build. He has blonde short hair and wearing blue shorts and a white top.”

Law enforcement have asked the public to help bring in the perpetrator.


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