Boy Dies Saving His Mother After His Father Had Shot Them Both.


In a deadly shooting in Norlina, NC, where a 15-year-old boy was left dead and his mother critically wounded was done by the woman estranged husband.

According to to WWBT, the woman, whose name is Keisha Valentine decided to pack her things and leave, Richmond, Virginia, taking her son with her, 15 year old Earl Washington lll, in order to flea from her husband, Earl Washington, whom she describes as an abusive person.

Valentine and her son were asleep on September 7, during the time her deranged husband kicked in the door to the house where her son and her were living around 1:30 a.m.

As Mrs. Valentine walked into the kitchen to see what was all the noise about, she was shot in the chest.

The woman said she “felt a burn but not a pain” When the bullet struck her. She “didn’t really hear it” and all she kind of felt was “winded.”

“I started running. As I ran, the gun went ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom’ I collapsed in my room, I shut the door behind me and I fell and hit the ground. I said, ‘I’m gonna die on this floor.'”

But the woman’s mother instant quicked in and she began thinking about where her son was at. She managed to hear his voice in the room next to hers speaking to the 911 dispatcher.

Valiente heard her son tell the 911 dispatcher ” me and my momma been shot, my daddy did it'”. Valiente said her ” heart just wrenched” as she realized that her son “knew his daddy” had shot them both.

The boy father intentions that night were to kill his wife but ended up taking his sons life instead. Authorities told the press the young man died because he was trying to prevent his mom from being hurt that night.

As law enforcement arrived at the scene they initially try to tend to the boys wound but he insisted his mother before looked at first.

“Don’t worry about me, save my momma, don’t worry about me,” the mother heard her son tell authorities.

According to reports Earl Washington shot his wife five times. She is bound to a wheelchair and credits being alive because of her son.

Law enforcement eventually found out about Washington’s whereabouts and tracked him down to a motel in Columbia, South Carolina, where he was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Valiente said she constantly ask herself “why me? Why am I still alive? Why me? She continues to move forward with her life because she feels, ” otherwise my son would’ve saved my life for nothing.”


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