The FBI Agrees Russians Intervened In US Presidential Election


It is now official that Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election to assist Donald Trump secure a victory to the White House against Hillary Clinton whose popular vote continues to grow.

James B. Comey, Director of the FBI , along with James R. Clapper, Director of the National Intelligence agreed with last week CIA assessment that Russia hacked into US elections with purposes of sabotaging Hillary’s clear win to the Oval Office.

Some lawmakers recently alleged that the FBI was not in agreement with what both the National Intelligence and the CIA conclusion to Russia’s meddling into the presidential election, but with FBI Director James Comey backing up the CIA contradict what lawmakers initially stated.

“Earlier this week, I met separately with (Director) FBI James Comey and DNI Jim Clapper, and there is strong consensus among us on the scope, nature, and intent of Russian interference in our presidential election,” the CIA Director told agency’s employees in a message.

“The three of us also agree that our organizations, along with others, need to focus on completing the thorough review of this issue that has been directed by President Obama and which is being led by the DNI,” reads the message.

About two weeks ago the CIA met with several senators in a private briefing on Capital Hill in which the CIA revealed documents that said it was “quite clear” Russia interfered with the election’s outcome.

Government officials believe Russia intention were more then just to help Trump win. Their other goal was to undermine assurance in how the electoral system works.

Last week both Republican and Democratic lawmakers were left believing the FBI was not on board with the CIA assessment after a separate briefing by a senior FBI official concluded that Russia in fact played a role in helping elect Donald Trump as the next US president.

“The truth is they were never all that different in the first place,” one government official said.

Brennan messege to CIA employees, states the agency had been providing lawmakers with Intel since this past summer.

“In recent days, I have had several conversations with members of Congress, providing an update on th3 status of the review as well as the considerations that need to be taken into account as we proceed,” he states.

“Many- but unfortunately not all- member understand and appreciate the importance and the gravity of the issue, and they are very supportive of the process that is underway,” he adds.



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