A California man who raped his own daughter was sentenced to 1,503 years in prison


Rene Lopez sexual assault his own daughter for a period of four years. He was sentenced to 1,503 years in prison.



A California man was sentenced to 1,503 years in prison after the state made several plead offers for lesser sentence and he declined. The lengthy sentence is the first ever in Fresno history.

Fresno Superior Court convicted, Rene Lopez, 41 years of age, of felony incest. The Fresno BEE reported that during the period of 2009 through 2013, Lopez repeatedly raped his then 12 years old teen-daughter.

Judge Edward Sarkisian Jr.had a few choice words for the defendant before sentencing him to the newly ever record sentence. The judge said Lopez violated his responsibility as a father and labeled defendant a ” serious danger to society.”

While in the courtroom defendant Rene Lopez never glanced over at his daughter, whom sat not too far in a gallary. Sexual assault victim’s name are never disclose in Fresno, California.

Ironically enough during preliminary hearing prosecutor’s had offered Lopez 13 years in prison as a plea deal and he did not accept it.

Because Lopez would not confess to raping his daughter he turned down a second offer of 22 years in prison before trial commenced back in September.

At sentencing the defendant’s daughter gave an impact statement, stating that when Lopez had abused her, she “Was young”, unable to say anything and powerless.

186 counts of felony sexual assault is what Rene Lopez was found guilty on last month.

During trial prosecutors stated that the defendant utilized his daughter as “a piece of property” in order to please his own sexual desires.

Even after Lopez’s daughter had managed to build up the strength to leave and report him to the authorities, Lopez still found time to stop by his daughters new place of residency before police ultimately arrested him in 2013, the New York Post reported.


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