West Meets With Trump at Trump Towers


Just weeks after having praised Trump in his Sacramento stop for his “Saint Pablo” tour Kanye West meets Donald Trump at Trump Towers in New York City.

No one seems to know the reason why Kanye is meeting Donald Trump, but weeks ago when West went on a verbal rampage against fellow rappers he as long indicated that had he voted on November 8, Donald Trump would been his pick.

The pair posed for cameras after their short meeting. Trump then tells a blonde haired Kanye before parting ways to “take care” and “see you soon.”

During his “Saint Pablo” tour West praised Donald Trump for his “futuristic” manner of communication.

Those who have met with the real estate mogul at his New York City home are being considered for a place in Trump’s cabinet.

What could be the reason for Kanye’s visit? In light that many artist have stated that they will not consider performing at Trump’s inauguration Kanye might be considering to do so.


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