A Vicious Rottweiler Savagely Attacks A Small Boy


Images of a small boy being savagely bitten by a Rottweiler in front of the family home was captured on video.

While Three year-old Marco Slabbert was playing outside the family residence in Hennenman, South Africa the vicious canine attacked him mercilessly.

The footage shows when the hound lunged onto the boy and causing him to fall onto the ground and then bites at the child’s arms and legs.

Trying to prevent the dog from continuing his attack Marco kicks aggressively but is no match for the angry canine.

The vicious canine only stops attacking the small boy when a neighbor jets out of her home and forces the dog away from him.

Marco was bitten in the head and hand but was released from the hospital the day after the incident.

The dog was eventually put down by the boys father who received a negative reaction by people on the Internet for it.

Slabbert shared the video of him shooting the dog on social media and was scrutinize for not having turned the dog over to an animal shelter to put the canine down.

The boys father responded by saying that “It wasn’t out of anger or revenge, but to simply protect the other people on [his] property.”

He also stated that “nobody knows if the Rottweiler would have attacked someone again.”

“When a dog has attacked someone the chances are good that he will do again,” he adds.


Before Mr. Slabbert shot the dog he reached out to the local SPCA and was informed the dog would had been also put down by them.

But the boys father did say that young Marco is back to his usual self and “running around again and getting up to mischief.”



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