DNA Of Lukis Anderson Found On Slain Millionaire Fingernails Has Explaination


A well known property owner by the name of Raveesh Kumra, was found lifeless at his home in Monte Sereno, California in 2012 by authorities.

Authorities say the victim appeared to had died from asphyxiation while his home was invaded, and the murderer made out with goods after having gagged the victim with packaging tape.

When forensic expert examined Mr. Kumra’s body they came across DNA belonging to Lukis Anderson on his fingernails. Anderson was then apprehended and was at Monte Serena County Jail for five months.

But the problem was that Anderson had an air tight alibi, which placed him at a hospital where he was being treated for extreme intoxication.

“Because of his high intoxication level, he was on 15-minute watch by nurses and doctors, so there was no time gap of when Lukis would have been able to commit the homicide,” said Kelley Kulick, Attorney for Lukis Anderson.

As luck would have it, Kulick then figured out that the same paramedics who treated Lukis Anderson when escorted to the hospital was also the one who took away Kumra’s body from his home when he was found unresponsive.



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