A Despicable New York Firefighter Set Home on Fire Then Blames Black Lives Matter Movement


A hateful New York firefighter set his home on fire and then claimed that members of the Black Lives Matter movement set it ablaze.

Although Jason Stock’s family were in the home when he allegedly set the house on fire they all managed to make it out unharmed. When the incident took place, the Stock’s told the media they were the victims of a hate crime because of a flag with the words “Blue Lives Matter ” hung in their front yard.

A relative of the Stock’s attested to finding a note which read “lie with pigs, fry like bacon” was found in the property.

Broom County District Attorney Steve Cornwell at the time verified the statement, but stated he thought Stocks himself wrote the letter to cover- up his tracks.

Cornwell told the media “That statement to me is absolutely despicable” and “It fuels a false narrative when it comes to the work that police officers do.”

But once investigators concluded with their investigation Jason Stock, 41, was arrested and charged with second-degree arson.

“We don’t need to show a motive, we need to show intent,” the District Attorney for Broom County stated in a press conference.

Stockes is being held on a bond of$10,000 cash or $20,000 in property at the Broom County Jail. He has plead not guilty.



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