Children Found Abandoned In a House Now Live With Their Biological Grandmother




A few weeks ago Chicagho police officers found three children living in an abandoned house and now the kids are being looked after by their grandmother.

The children’s found in the house were ages 7, 2, and 1. Authorities say there was no running water, heat, nor electricity. The children looked as if they had not been bath in months and the 7 year-old had never been registered to attend school.

Dlores Anderson, the grandmother said that she “had to cut thier” because it seemed like had not been done for months. She also pointed out the children’s had all type of “sore on their head.”

Anderson, 53, assures that officers saved her grandchildrens lives and that thanks to them she and her grandchildren now have a fresh start at life.

Ms. Anderson says her son told her he did not know the children’s whereabouts, so she was unaware her grandchildren were living such horrible conditions. She wasted no time informing authorities that she would take care of the children’s.


“They are my heart now, I’m going to show them they van be loved and taken care of like children are supposed to,” said Ms. Anderson.

Because of the new responsibility Anderson lost both the jobs she had.

The same law enforcement who rescued the children helped chipped in to help Anderson with beds and diapers.

“These officers, they have been a blessing,” She said. “I have no friends, all I do have right now is God and them and now my grand babies,” She adds.


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