Video of Shoot Out Mannequin Challenge Leads to Criminal Charges


When twenty individuals from an urban community decided to appeared in a mannequin challenge video with guns drawn they never considered that authorities would end up raiding their apartment complex days later.

But that’s what happened in Alabama, several individuals posed for a mannequin challenge and officials raided an apartment where they found several firearms and small packages containing what appeared to be narcotic, authorities announced.

The video was about a minute long and it depicted several individuals simulating a shoot out in front of a complex building in Huntsville which was posted on Facebook last month.

Law enforcement came across the video and a search warrant was issued, and authorities raided the apartment at 5 a.m. on Tuesday, police officials told the press. 

Among the items seized were two handguns, a shotgun and an assault rifle, along with ammunition. Authorities were not sure whether any of guns seized were the ones which appeared in the video.

Law enforcement arrested two people at the premises during the raid, Terry Brown, 23, and Kenneth Fennel Whitworth, 49 year-old.

White was charged with felony possession of Marijuana and former felon not to possess a firearms. His bond was set at $30,000.

Brown faces drug paraphernalia, loitering and promoting prison contraband charges. His bond was set at $3,800.

Authorities are expecting more arrests in connection to the video.


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