Trump’s Staff is Convicted of Election Fraud



This past Wednesday a jury deliberated an hour before finding guilty a Donald Trump campaign’s staffer in Michigan of felony fraud.

Brandon Michael Halls felony charges stem from a previous unsuccessful judicial campaign he supported in 2012. Hall was found guilty of 10 counts of election fraud.

Even though Hall was in the process of his legal problems he still managed to work on Trump’s campaign in Michigan, a state where there is no a legal battle between Green Party Jill Stein and Trump’s campaign to get a vote recount going.

“Donald Trump has made claim after claim calling the integrity of the election into question, but his Michigan campaign had no problem hiring a staff member facing election law charges,” said executive director of Progress Michigan, Lonnie Scott.

No accusations have been made of Hall, 27, for his role in Trump’s campaign.

On convicting Hall the jury relied on evidence presented by Prosecutors which consisted of forged signatures on nominated petitions he had passed around for attorney Chris Houghtaling’s campaign.

Hall and another individual by the name of Zachary Savege thought that it would be a great idea to use different colored pens and handwriting in order to fill up papers, using names from a 2010 petition.

Savage will be receiving a lighter sentence then Hall due to his cooperation with Prosecutors to testify against Hall who is facing up to.five years in prison.

Hall seems to have a tendency to break the law. In 2010 he had go step down from the Grand Haven School Board after having been found guilty of stealing $750 from a schools charity. He received two years probation.



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