Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Is Searching for Volunteers to Assist Recount



Hillary Clinton’s campaign is looking for volunteers to help recount votes in two states.

Information as to those willing to volunteer and help retally in both Michigan and Wisconsin can be found on HillaryClinton.com.

One page on Hillary’s site says, “help with the Michigan recount. Let us know if you want to get involved.”

The website has a sign-up form detailing only that “someone from the team” will likely get back with those willing to voluntee

The disclosure at the bottom of the page says that Hillary’s campaign is responsible for the content on the website.

“Paid for by Hillary for America, a grassroots campaign of 3 million donors committed to electing Hillary Clinton (and keeping Donald Trump out of the White House).”

Hillary Clinton campaign attorney announced last week they would be supporting Green Party in its effort to obtain a retally of the tight vote in Michigan.

Trump was victorious in Michigan by a tight 10,704- vote margin, getting 47.6 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 47.4 percent.

Hillary’s campaign has also set up a similar page for those wanting to assist recount votes in Wisconsin, where Trump also won by a small margin of 47.2 percent of the votes to Hillary’s 46.44 percent. 31,006 votes went to Stein, or 1 percent



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