Young Woman Records Her Racists Boyfriend And Uploaded The Video To Facebook



Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign a young woman decided to record her racist boyfriend whom she realized became more and more racists as the election unfolded.

In the recording a whites man voice is heard saying what Trump should do to black people once he is office.

“That’s what Trump should do, the second he’s elected, give all you mother****s your tickets back back. You don’t like it? Peace.”

“Black Lives Matter? Go matter the f**** up to Ghana,” he boyfriend is heard saying.

Madison, the woman recording expressed fear for her life if Chris, her boyfriend found out she had been recording what was being said behind closed doors.

“If he sees me recording this, he’s gonna end my life.”

At one point Madison is heard telling her boyfriend he sounded racist and he replied by saying that he did not care.

“I don’t care. I’m not the going around saying ‘white lives matter’, ‘white  life come to the front.”


Madison said that as the election “got closers to Trump being where we are now” her boyfriend turned more into a “monster”.

“In regards to race, it never really came out until the election and I said I wasn’t going to vote for Trump,” she said. “And then everything became about race,” She continued.

When she uploaded her boyfriend’s comments to Facebook, it immediately went viral.

Madson gives details of ” one girl who was like your video made me reopen my domestic case” after viewing Madison recording.

Even though Madison had recorded the video back in July she decided to post it on Election Day.

The young woman stated that she did not think “all Trump voters are racist” even though “they all gave the pass on racism”.


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