Man Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing And killing His 10 Month Old Daughter



A man in Maryland has plead guilty to sexually abusing and killing his 10 month old daughter by dropping the child several times.

Robert Davidson, 24, was in court Monday answering charges of sexually assault of a minor and first-degree child abuse which resulted in the death of the 2015 slaying of Aleah Thompson.

Davidson is expected to be sentenced this coming February. He is looking at up 50 years behind bars.

The infants mother, Lorna Thompson, 22, declared herself guilty of neglect of a minor this past July and was giving 5 years probation, according to the Washington Post.

Prosecutors said Thompson was aware of the bruise marks on the child’s body and had her suspicion that she was being abused by her boyfriend but failed to do something about it.

In Late August of 2015, two months after the death of the toddler, the pair were apprehended and charged.

According to documents, Davidson made a 911 call on June 23, 2015 stating that his daughter was not responding nor was she breathing. Shortly after, paramedics arrived at his home, and the toddler was rushed to the hospital.

After the toddler had been at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, located in Washington DC, the child died from her injuries.

Medical examinar said the child death was caused by multiple blunt injuries and so ruled it a homicide.

The toddler’s autopsy report showed she had a broken collarbone and had more then 30 rib fractures in several phases of healing.

The toddler suffered injuries to her head, eyes and spine, which was determined by a forensic anthropologist that the abuse began shortly after the two weeks of the toddlers life.

When Davidson was interviewed he told investigators he had dropped the toddler in numerous occasions previously.

Thompson admitted to investigator that she had noticed the bruise marks on the infants body on more then one occasion and stated the Davidson was responsible for the markings on the toddlers body.




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