A Man Who Served 16 Years In Prison For Murder Had Conviction Overturned


John Bunn and his attorneys in Brooklyn District Court.


According to the New York Daily News, A man who had served 16 years in prison received good news on Tuesday when a Brooklyn Judge overturned his murder conviction.

John Bunn who is now 39 years-old was only 15 when he and another teen by the name of Rosean Hargrave, were found guilty by a jury in the murder of an off-duty correctional officer and trying to kill another person.

The investigation which lead to the conviction of the teenagers was conducted by now retired Detective Louis Scarcella using “corrupt practice” in order to get convictions during the 1980s and the 1990s.

Although both Bunn and Hargrave always maintain that they were innocent.

Testimony from the survivor states that he was robbed at gunpoint by two individuals who were in bicycles and then jumped into the victims vehicle and drove off leaving Thier bicycles behind.


Brooklyn District Supreme Court Justice Shawn’Dya Simpson


Shawn’Dya Simpson, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice, in ruling stated that the fingerprints taken from the bicycles left behind by the assailant did not match those of either Bunn and Hargrave.

“Given the paltry seemingly unreliable evidence used to convict and the evidence that has recently surfaced concerning the corrupt practices of the detectives that investigated this case, the judgement herein is to be vacated,” stated Supreme Judge Simpson.

Bunn had been released on parole seven years ago. And only filed court papers to have his 1991 conviction overturned when he found out Hargrave’s had been vacated in 2015.

When Brooklyn District Attorney’s started reevaluating murder convictions connected to the corrupt Detective Louis Scarcella they came across some disturbing patterns used by him in order to easily convict innocent people, according to the New York Times.




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