Teacher Chokes 5 Year-old And Calls Him A”Bad Muslim Boy”



A Teacher in Charlotte, NC, is the subject of an investigation involving a 5 year-old Muslim child who was grabbed by the neck and told he was a “bad Muslim boy”.

A Spokesperson from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools stated the district is investigating the allegations made by CAIR and could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

In the written document by CAIR’s attorney, Maha Sayed, says that the cruel experience suffered at the hands of a teacher at David Cox Road Elementary School has the child afraid to attend school.

According to Sayed, the teacher “would routinely single out the child from his classmates and require him to carry a heavy backpack throughout the day”.

Although the child’s mother had placed him in a different class after having addressed the issue with school officials, the boy would still encounter the teacher he previously complained about, according to documents.

On the 16 of November the child was in his new classroom when the teacher in the complaint walked up to him and began grabbing and choking the child by neck. Documents say the child’s new teacher had to separate the defenseless child from the abusive teacher.

In the letter by Maha Sayed to Rebecca Garland, North Carolina’s deputy superintendent of public school instruction, ask for an investigation and disciplinary action against the abusive teacher.

Islamic Center of Charlotte spokesperson, Jibril Hough, stated the accusations are shocking considering they pertain to a person who is suppose to be guiding children’s.


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