Woman Accidentally Shot Her Friend Who Attempted To Surprise Her At Home


Kevin Watford


A man was shot and killed in Hamilton Township, N.J while on the phone with his friend whom he try to surprise by sneaking into her home unexpectedly, according to the Washington Post .

Both Kevin Watford and the woman who has not been identified yet were still talking when Watford succeed in opening the front entrance to the home and walked inside on Thursday.

Unfortunately what was meant to be a surprise turned out to be a tragic accident when the occupant of the home took out her gun and fired, assuming it was an intruder.

The woman then called 911 and initially related to emergency dispatcher she had fired her gun at an intruder.

According to the prosecutors, the woman then related to dispatcher that in fact she had accidentally shot her friend.

When the authorities arrived at the crime scene, they found Mr. Watford at the bottom of the stairs and a gunshot wounds on his chest, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors say that evidence indicates “the homicide was accidental.”

Before the events leading to the shooting, Mr. Watford was telling his friend he was on a trip and was no where near the area.

The woman told investigators that while her and Watford spoke over the phone she heard a dog barking and some disturbance outside of her home.

As the disturbance outside continued, the woman told authorities, she then took out her gun, then suddenly heard a person inside her home.

Documents from the prosecutor’s office say, “She heard someone inside of her house and walked to her bedroom door, still on the, she then opened her bedroom door, observed the shadow of a person in the dark on the stairs, and fired one gunshot.”

The woman doesn’t realize she had shot her friend until the authorities were on their way to her home.





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