White Man Lashes Out On Starbucks Black Employee: “I Voted Trump”

In Miami, a man became discontent inside a Starbucks establishment because his order was taking too long and said he was being discriminated, reported The Grio.

According to a witness, the customer who happened to be white, yelled “Trump” at an African-American employee and stated that “white discrimination” was the cause for his order being delayed. The man then said he was going to punch someone and told another employee they were “garbage.”

Witnesses say the man claimed it was “anti-discrimination” and then he began insulting staff members.

“One person called him and ass hole, so he said, ‘Fuck you, bitch.’ That’s when I began filming,” stated the witness who recorded the incident.

The discontent customers is heard on the video asking for his money to be returned.

“I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost, now give me my money back,” he yells.

The disgruntled customer then ask the employee for her name so asto report the incident to her superior.

“What is your name? What is your name? I want your card. You are garbage. You are complete garbage,” he screams out.

A bystander tries to intervene, saying, “Come on. There’s no need to talk like that. You want to talk like that, take it outside. But do not talk to other people that way.”

Both man continued to argue almost to the point where they were about to get into a fist fight, but the annoyed customer storms out of the establishment.


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