Derrick Rose Seeks $70,000 From Woman Who Accused Him Of Rape



Derrick Rose was found not liable in a civil suit filed against him and two other individuals nearly 2 month ago. He is now seeking $70,000 from the woman who said he raped her.

The suit was filed in a California court claiming  he and the two other alleged suspect were “entiled” to “expenses they necessarily incurred in defending themselves against….false claims.”

In the law suit in which Rose and his friends were found not to be liable for any damages, they were accused of drugging and gang raping the alleged victim, but throughout the course of the trial the men maintained that in fact the sex was consensual.

Documents filed by Rose claims that the “aggressive pursuit of false claims..have taken an enormous costly and irreparable toll on (him) and his public image.”

The papers, which were filed on November 5, demands that the woman pays $70,917.16 to compensate for trial expenses.

But the woman claims that the dissimilarities in finance between her and Rose allows her to refuse to pay. In fact she has already filed a “declaration of financial hardship” to keep from paying.



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