Man Forced Into Coffin Alive By White Racists



Racism is not a thing of the past in the world we live in today. More and more incidents involving hatred towards people of colors are surfacing in South Africa. In fact racism is pretty well alive.

Two white man have recently been apprehended for their role in forcing a black person into a coffin in South Africa. 

It has been reported that both white suspects were charged with “kidnapping and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm”.

The video, which is approximately 20 seconds long, shows a white man forcing a black man into a coffin, and shouting threats of pouring petrol on him and setting it ablaze.

Both suspect are to appear on Wednesday at the Middleburg Magistrate court.

While the two assailant, who go by the  names of Wallem Oosthuizen and Theo Martin Jacksonthen, were threatened to put a snake inside the coffin, Victor Rethabile Mlotshwa, the victim, is heard and seen on film screaming and resistant his assailants.

It is unclear what was the fate of the young man after the video Ended.

“This humiliation can be based on nothing else but his blackness, which means it is in actual fact a humiliation of black people, ” stated the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)

According to the eNCA website, the assault on the young man occurred close to Middleburg in Mpumalanga.

It is no secret South Africa has been a place where racially motivated incident has taken place in the past, in which blacks have been addressed as be monkeys by white people, but not so much as disturbing as the coffin incident- due to its nature, people are highly upset.

Thanks to social media more and more cases are being reported said the South African Human Rights commission.

Due to the incident which have been documented, South Africa is now going to be implementing specific laws to bring justice to the victim of race related crimes.


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