Man Held Girlfriend Captive Four Months In A Apartment


Apartment building where woman was held prisoner 4 months


A woman in New York City was held captive at gunpoint by her boyfriend inside their apartment for over three months, according to police report.

Police authorities have charged Richard Rosa with several counts of criminal violations for his role in turning his apartment into a prison where he held his 43-year-old girlfriend captive.

According to police files, the victim informed authorities she had been held against her will since August 1.

The woman told authorities she had made several attempts to escape from the apartment but Rosa would place a gun to her head saying “I’m going to kill you,” whenever she did attempt to leave.


Richard Rosa

Throughout the course of the several months in which the victim was held captive, Rosa would constantly place the pistol to her head and pull the trigger, but luckily the gun would not go off, sources say.

Richard Rosa, 36, told his girlfriend he would stab her and her children even though the kids stayed with their biological father at a different location.

The victim finally was able to flee from the apartment and head to a nearby precinct where she told authorities about the events leading to her escape. Police found a illegal .44 Caliber pistol when they searched the apartment in which the woman had been held prisoner.


52nd precinct where victim alerted authorities about being held captive

Rosa was placed in police custody and charged with weapons and possession of a controlled substance and harassment, officials say.

The victim stated Rosa was “very possessive,” and that they had lots “problems” within their relationship.

A family member of Richard stated she do not believe the victim was being held against her own free will.


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