Border Patrol Agents Are Being Reassigned To South Texas


According to a Fox News report, nearly 150 Border Patrol agents are being relocated to Texas southern border from Arizona, and other places where there’s  been report of massive illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border to enter the U.S.

The U.S Custom and Border Protection issued a statement stating that agents in areas such as San Diego, Tucson, and Arizona are going to be relocated to the Rio Grande Valley area for a short while or until they can get the situation under control.

The agents who are being reassigned will be documenting and processing those immigrant with children who have been apprehended.

Throughout the course of the past several years hundreds if not thousands of immigrant sought some type of asylum once they have entered US borders.

Reports shows that immigrants have flocked to the Rio Grande Valley, making it the region where the most arrest of illegal immigrants has occurred. In 2014 approximately 169, 000 were apprehended crossing Mexican to US borders, a huge spike from 63,000 the previous year.

There are approximately 41,000 individuals held in immigration facilities throughout the U.S.

Secretary for U.S Department of Homeland Security, Jen Johnson, stated, “our borders cannot be open to illegal migration…. we must…enforce the immigration laws consistent with our priorities. Those priorities are public safety and border security.



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