Five People Were Shot In Nearby Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle



Five people have been shot in Seattle not too far from where demonstrators are protesting against Trump’s Presidential victory over Hillary Clinton.

According to eye witnesses, several hundred protesters were making their way to Capitol Hill at about 7 p.m. when the crowd heard what was described as a “rapid succession” of gunfire.

Two of the five victim who were wounded were taken to a nearby hospital with critical condition. The other three victim were treated for minor injuries according the the Seattle Fire Department.

A couple who were walking away from the demonstration heard about five shots not too far from where they were standing.

“We were walking away from the protesters and I just saw this man fall down,” stated one of the witnesses to The Daily News. “My boyfriend shielded me and we ran away and ducked into a supermarket,” She added.

The witness who was identified as cook stated that the entire streets were covered with Law enforcement when they emerged back into the streets

Cook stated that she was “nervous”and a bit shaken up about the whole situation but felt confident having “someone will throw himself between me and sudden violence. ”

Authorities say there were no immediate arrest and did not comfirm if the shooting was related to the demonstration.



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