Connie Watton Family Shocked After She Was Shoved To Her Death



The woman who was shoved to her death Monday afternoon in New York Times Square train station was a married chef who her brother-in-law stated on Tuesday “loved” working in New York City.

The name of the woman who suffered the senseless attack at the hands of Melanie Liverpool, 30, is 49 year-old Connie Watton.

Connie’s brother-in-law stated that “out of a million people, this had to happen to her? She was honestly the most caring, loving, honest person I ever met. She would never hurt anybody.”

The New York Post reported that according to relative the victims husband is completely heartbroken about the whole incident.

“He’s in total shock….I hope she [Liverpool] gets prosecutef6to the fullest extent of the law,” the relative stated.

The alleged suspect who authorities now know has a history of mental illness, pushed Connie Walton onto an oncoming train for no reason whatsoever. In fact there is history that either two new one another.

when the the authorities were placing the suspect under arrest, she admitted pushing “someone onto to the tracks,” report states.



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