First Somali-American Muslim Woman Was Elected Legislature In American History


History has been made already in the state of Minnesota when the first Somali-American Muslim woman was elected to the state legislature.

Ilhan Omar,34, mother of three children will represent a mixed, liberal district that includes almost the entire Minneapolis section.

Omar’s win is being looked at as a change towards progression, and with hope to place more minority in seats in public offices.

Omar’s  birth place is Somalia.When Omar was 12 years old she immigrated to the United States but not before spending four years in a refugee camp in Kenya. At her arrival to the U.S upon finding out how widely racial and economic unfairness and religious intolerance, gave Omar a sense of disappointment in the country she now called home.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Omar stated, “It is the land of liberty and justice for all, but we have to work for it. Our democracy is great but it’s fragile. It’s come through a lot of progress, and we need to continue that progress to make it actually ‘justify for all.'”

As a teenager Omar was inspired to become associated with politics because of the inequality in America, showing leadership in fighting against impartiality in her community.

Omar’s campaign focused on affordable college, criminal justice reform, clean energy and economic equality.

One of Omar’s first goal is to introduce a bill that would automatically call for adults who turn 18 or obtain a driver’s license to register to vote.

“Oftentimes, you are told to be everything but bold, but I think that was important for me in running as a young person and running as someone who is Muslim, a refugee, and immigrant,” Omar stated.

She also adds that “to believe in the possibility that all of my identities and otherness would fade into the background, and that my voice as a strong progressive would emerge if I was bold and believed in that…..made a huge difference for me and my candidacy. ”




Legislator Ilhan Omar and her family


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