“Serial Killer” Todd Kohlhelp Confesses To Other Killings


The man apprehended after a woman was found on his property in South Carolina “chained like a dog”, told sheriff’s he had killed seven other people.

The suspect told police on Saturday that he had murdered for people back in 2003.

Todd Kohlhelp, 45, showed the authorities where in his property he had buried two of several victims he had killed.

His confession came after authorities had found a body on the 90 plus acre site on Friday afternoon.

Kohlhepp, who is a registered sex offender was apprehended Thursday when authorities discovered a woman on his premises shackled up in a metal shipping container.

The woman had gone missing at the end of August along with her boyfriend.

The discovery of the woman came after authorities were nearby shipping containers, and managed to hear loud banging and screaming coming from inside the container.

“A hellish place to be locked in hot weather. No lights, no windows, no air flow,” stated one of the Sheriffs from Spartanburg County

Authorities say the woman told them Kohlhepp had murdered her boyfriend in front of her.

A Sheriff by the name of Chuck Wright stated that the body found on the site on the site on Friday was that of the woman’s boyfriend, 32 year-old, Charles Carver.

Charles Carver cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds to the body.


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