107-Year-Old Woman Looking Forward To Voting For Hillary


A woman from South Carolina who is presumed to be one of the oldest voter in her stateis excited about being able to witness the first woman running for the presidential office.

Donella Wilson is 107 years old, yes, you read right, 107. Ms Wilson has voted thirteen times in her life time is looking forward to her fourteenth.

” I never thought that I will live to see a day this, I’m over 100 years old,” She states.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president Ms. Wilson casted her vote on way back in the 1940s but today, Wilson not only exercises her right to vote for herself but also for all of those whom have gone before her, in particular both of her parents whom were slaves.

Wilson recalls those dreadful years where negros weren’t able to “spell vote”.

“We didn’t know what the word meant other that we had an opportunity to say something and cast a vote, praying as we go along that the vote could count to help us as a Negro race,” She says.

Even though Wilson has experienced both, her gender and race prevent her from voting in the past, today, she makes sure to exercise her right to cast a vote at every chance she is able to, never missing a beat.

Wilson’s hope for this year’s election is to be able to witness history be made when the first woman president take office at the White House.

“I’m looking for her to be our first female President….I think it’s an honor, a precious gift from God,” She states.



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